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Case Studies

Tonic Fusion LLP hires Leenix to Migrate Linux hosting servers.

Company Profile
Tonic Fusion LLP is a graphic design and marketing company specialising in print & web solutions. As part of it’s web services, Tonic Fusion offer hosting and email facilities to it’s clients. The hosting server is located in London, UK.

Technology Environment
Source Server:

  • Linux server running outdated Sarge Debian system software.
  • PHP 4
  • MySQL 4.1
  • Apache 1.3

Destination Server:

  • Linux server running Debian Etch system software.
  • PHP 5
  • MySQL 5
  • Apache 2

Client Requirements
Tonic Fusion recognised the need to migrate from Debian Sarge to the newer Debian Etch system as well as upgrade many of the software packages to the most recent more secure versions.
Backup of data was also limited to a 2nd drive on the server, thus increasing the time that would be needed if a restore or retrieval was required in the event of the server becoming unavailable or corrupted.
The client did not have the internal resources and expertise needed to complete the project.

Client's Return on Investment
Once the migration was complete, the client immediately benefited from increased speed of data, reduction of security threat potential as well as a massive decrease in the amount of unsolicited email being delivered to both themselves and their clients.
In addition to the software benefits, Tonic Fusion now retain a daily backup of server files in a different location to the server as well as a more comprehensive backup on the off-site server.

The Bottom Line
This has both improved the hosting experience for existing clients as well as clearing the way ahead for a reliable and marketable hosting service that Tonic Fusion are able to offer in conjunction with their other services.