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Linux Server Support

Linux Server Support

Whether you have your own server or require us to build and configure a new server, Leenix is there to help.

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Security is an important issue for any business, large or small.

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Fully trained, degree level software developers ready to help you create any software you require.

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Having problems with your server? Spam Issues?

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Leenix can assist with your in-house network and servers too.

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linux server support

Leenix provides Linux Server Support services. Whether you have your own server or require us to build and configure a new server, Leenix is there to help. We can also help with a server migration should you have a new server you wish to replace your old server with.

We have experience with most Linux distributions with a particular focus on Gentoo and Debian servers.

Security is central to our approach and informs every step of the setup process.

Our support and setup services include, but are not limited to the following;


LAMP refers to a collection of programs used to serve your websites. Most commonly these are Apache, MySQL and php. We can help with migrations of your old websites and databases to a new server and will insure these services are configured to best suit your requirements.

Email Services

We have vast experience protecting email from unwanted spam and viruses. Many techniques can be deployed and using a combination of these you could reduce the amount of unwanted mail you receive by 90%!

Many companies think this is just a case of using content filtering, but this should be the last step your server uses in protecting your email. Many other techniques such as RBL lists, HELO checking, Grey listing and domain checking can be used to drastically reduce the amount of mail your content checker has to scan.

These techniques use significantly fewer server resources than a content checker and thus help your server scale to the demands of your business much more efficiently. They also produce far fewer false positives than content checkers.


Lack of a proper backup strategy can be disastrous. Leenix can help you to form a backup strategy to suit your requirements, providing advise and assistance in optimising for the services being used on your server. Whether onsite, remote or simple tape backups we can guide your company down the route which best suits your needs and provide a plan of action for what should be done in the event of a failure.

This ensures that not only your data is protected, but that your server will be up and running again with minimal downtime.


If you think your server is open to abuse or has been abused in the past we can provide a ground up security audit, highlighting areas of concern and possible resolutions.

If you suspect your server has been compromised, we can investigate this and try to track down the persons responsible and what exploits they used to perform the intrusion.

There are many techniques Leenix can deploy to help ensure your server is as secure as possible. These include, but are not limited to;

  • Firewalls
  • Portscan detection
  • Mod security for apache
  • Reporting and monitoring software such as “snort”
  • PHP code inspection


Should you wish to have your own private encrypted IM network, then Jabber can provide this for you.


We have many different reporting services which can be configured on your server. These include;

  • AWSTATS for web server reporting
  • Webalizer for an alternative to awstats
  • SNORT for security inspection

Custom Services

If you have your own software or wish us to write some for you, we can help with the setup and configuration of this software to match your server.