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About Leenix

Leenix has 25 years experience building and configuring top class, stable and secure Linux servers, including 15 years as an independent consultancy with a strong focus on system security and custom configuration. Leenix has experience with all major Linux distributions with particular expertise in Ubuntu, Debian and Gentoo Linux.

Leenix has fully trained, degree level software developers ready to help you create any software you require.

Big project or small, we can take you through the process of specification, design and implementation. If you have some existing software you need to add extra functionality to or require something bespoke, written ground up for your needs, we can help.

Leenix can call upon a network of trusted professionals to fulfil all client needs including, but not limited to, data processing, warehousing, website/brochure design, copyediting and PR. This unique approach to our business ensures customers get a personal response with one main contact to understand and manage your needs, using our contacts where needed.

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