Ensure your server is ready to face the challenges ahead...

Security is an important issue for any business, large or small. It is vital to ensure your server is ready to face the challenges ahead.

Typically, SMEs, are not targeted by a human hacker. You are much more likely to face the countless millions of infected servers running bots (automated software), which continuously search the internet looking for vulnerable machines to comprise, and in many cases turn the victim server into a bot itself. Such bots try the most common exploits for widely used software, sometimes testing out hundreds of different types of exploit before moving on.

If you think your server is open to abuse or has been abused in the past we can provide a ground up security audit, highlighting areas of concern and possible resolutions.

If you suspect your server has been compromised, we can investigate this and try to track down the persons responsible and identify the exploits they used.

Leenix provide many services to help ensure your server is secure from both targeted attacks and bot scans. This includes but is not limited too;

  • System Updates
    We can scan and update out of date Linux packages on your server. We can also setup scripts which will email you regularly to inform you of any outstanding updates.
  • Security Audit
    Identify problem areas and the cost of resolving these issues.
  • Honeypots
    Setup a trap for common types of attacks, collecting information on the attack and reporting it to the authorities.
  • Portscan detection
    Detect portscan's and ban the responsible IP from doing any further scans and from using any of the services provided by your server
  • Apache securing
    Deploy many techniques to secure your apache system and make information gathering by attacks much more difficult.
  • PHP code auditing
    Review your PHP code for common types of exploits like SQL injection, email header injection and many more.
  • Firewalls
    Ensure your firewall is configured as well as possible. This includes limiting services which don’t need to be public, reporting and banning of suspect traffic.
    Reporting and analysis of traffic to help identify problem areas
  • Log file analysis
    Look for errors and problems which are reported to the log files
  • Evidence collection
    If you server has already been a victim of an attack, we can help with evidence collection and analysis to help close any holes used and if possible report the offending party to the authorities.

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