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Leenix provides Linux Server Support services. Whether you have your own server or require us to build and configure a new server, Leenix is there to help. We can also help with a server migration should you have a new server you wish to replace your old server with.

Software Development

Leenix has fully trained, degree level software developers ready to help you create any software you require.

We have experience in writing full business management systems to allow every aspect of your business to be managed from one piece of software accessed by all staff. Get rid of the scattered spreadsheets and programs your staff use and store all this information in one place, with reporting functionality to measure productivity and effective auditing so you can see what each member of staff has done.

2nd Line Support services

Many of our clients are website design houses or full-service digital creative design agencies. They require a second level of support for their bespoke developments or hosting needs. We are happy to compliment an existing team of developers, offering a second line of support for your in-house team.

I couldn't be happier with the results of employing Leenix to undertake this work for us. We now have a newer, faster, safer and more secure server for both our clients and ourselves. In addition, we have a much higher level of redundancy than ever before making us feel much safer should we suffer from hardware faults.
All this at a fraction of the cost that a full managed server solution would have entailed too!

I thoroughly recommend Leenix to anyone in a similar position.

Mike (Partner) - Tonic Fusion LLP

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