Software Development

Software Development

Leenix has fully trained, degree level software developers ready to help you create any software you require.

Big project or small, we can take you through the process of specification, design and implementation. If you have some existing software you need to add extra functionality to or require something bespoke, written ground up for your needs, we can help.

Leenix writes both online and offline software.

We have experience in writing full business management systems to allow every aspect of your business to be managed from one piece of software accessed by all staff. Get rid of the scattered spreadsheets and programs your staff use and store all this information in one place, with reporting functionality to measure productivity and effective auditing so you can see what each member of staff has done.

Leenix can assist with scripting services on your server to help automate mundane tasks and free up your time. These scripts can cover anything you regularly do on your server, from simple tasks such as adding new users and setting permissions, too fully automating complex tasks.

Our programmers have experience in several Linux based languages and place a keen focus on ensuring the software is scalable, fast and secure. We deploy a number of techniques to achieve this, which include but are not limited too;

  • Object orientated software programming
  • Fully normalised database design
  • Secure code, written from ground up with security in mind
  • Offline data processing where required
  • Use of established technologies where applicable. We believe there is no point in reinventing the wheel unless it has tangible benefits.
  • Extensive testing and bedding in to find and remove any bugs
  • Scalability testing, putting the code under unusual loads to see how it reacts

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