Network & IT Consulting

IT Consulting

Leenix can assist with your in-house network and servers too. We are happy to come to your office and provide the following services;

  • Specification, provisioning, configuration and testing of new servers
  • Troubleshooting of issues you face with your network or in-house servers.
  • Firewall, security reviews and audits
  • Level 2 support for your IT staff to give them an extra port of call when they find an issue they are unable to resolve
  • VPN links between sites
  • In-house email servers
  • Web proxy servers and monitoring. Secure your web access so staff can only visit approved websites and are fully monitored and accountable for their web access.
  • Linux training to help you maintain your servers and keep them in the best possible condition, reducing long-term costs and downtime if things go wrong.

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